Learn How to use XLReport for Easy Real Time Excel Reporting


XLReport allows to organize your information with Projects.

Each Project has its Data Connections, Object Folders and Query Objects.

Create Project

To create a new Project click the "Project" button on the "New" menu.



Enter a Project name and click "Create".

You will be asked to create a new Data Connection.


You can add a new Data Connection now or click "Cancel" to add it later.

The new Project will be available from the Project Explorer.



Edit Project Name

Select the Project in the Project Explorer and right click it.


Select "Rename" and assign a new name.

Delete Project

To delete a Project select it and hit the "Delete" key.

The project will be sent to the Project Explorers Recycle bin.


See also: Recycle Bin

Project Folders

Project Folders serve to organize your XLReport Query Objects.

When you save a XLReport Query Object you will be asked in which folder to save it.


Create a new Folder

Click the Folder icon on the menu bar.


A new Folder will be created in the Project Explorer.


Assign a name to the new Folder.

You can also move your XLReport Query Objects by drop % drag.