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We’ve gone Crazy and our account hates us

Just for a few days – XLReport – Excel BI : $47 (are we crazy or what?)

Live data connection does not refresh

Q: My data connection does not refresh! A: Possible reasons: 1.) You need to click the “Refresh” or “Refresh All” button to refresh real time connected data sets. 2.) Data set was formatted as table.

Once I order an XLReport license, can I use my projects and queries I created with the trial version?

Absolutely; once you activate the XLReport license all your projects, data connections and queries will still be available

Trial Extension

Q: I downloaded XLReport some time ago and did not find enough time to trial it. Can I get a trial extension? A: Sure; just drop us an email and we’ll send you a trial extension key.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: What if I don’t like XLReport after I ordered? A: We offer a 30-day – no questions asked – refund policy Data-Connections. So; in case XLReport does not fulfill your requirements you have 30 days – after purchase – to request a full refund.

Volume Licensing

Q: Do you offer volume prices? A: Yes; we offer hefty discounts for volume licensing. Please check our volume pricing here.

Software Upgrades and Support

Q: Is support and software upgrades included in the license? A: All upgrades and E-mail support are free for the first 12 month after purchase. After 12 month we offer a yearly maintenance plan for 20% of the current total value of licenses (lowest price license pack) which includes all upgrades and E-mail support.

External Data – Connection String – Visibility

Q: I inserted some external data with XLReport into my Excel workbook. Can my co-workers see the connection settings when I distribute the Excel file? A: No; XLReport encrypts the connection settings; so nobody is able to see your database connection information.

Real time data in Excel – Sharing the Excel file

Q: I inserted some real time data into an Excel sheet. When sharing this file with other people – will they be able to refresh the data? A: Your end users will need to have a valid XLReport license in order to be able to refresh the data.

On how many computers can I install my XLReport license?

Each XLReport can be installed on one computer. You can physically transfer the software from one computer to a second computer, provided that it is used only by the purchaser of the XLReport.

Video: The Power of the XLReport Query

Build your XLReport Queries just as you need them. There is practically no limitation to building your queries with the XLReport Visual Query Builder. You can even create heterogeneous and union queries from multiple and different data-sources.   Watch the video!  

Video: Import External Real Time Data into Excel

The purpose of XLReport is to insert external real time data into Excel. Select the XLReport Query object from within the Project Explorer and insert its underlying data as Static Sheet, Real Time Sheet Live or Real Time Pivot Table.   Watch the video!  

XLReport Date Filters

Sometime it is useful to apply a Date Filter like “Current Month”, “Last Year” or “Last Quarter” to a Query. Once a Date Filter was applied it will always show only the values set by the filter. Watch the video!

Create XLReport Parameter Queries

You can define parameter queries. So when you run it, it prompts for criteria to use. You select the records for the result set so that the same query can be used to retrieve different result sets. Watch the video!

Edit a XLReport Query and Save it as a New Query

Sometimes you just need to do small changes to an existing XLReport Query and save it as a new one. Instead of building the Query from scratch you can edit an existing Query and save it with a new name. Watch the video!

Create Queries from existing XLReport Queries

Besides building queries from your database tables and views, XLReport also allows designing queries from already existing XLReport Queries. It also combines XLReport Queries with database tables and views. Watch the video!

Knowledge Base coming soon!

The XLReport Knowledge Base is coming soon!