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We’ve gone Crazy and our account hates us

Just for a few days – XLReport – Excel BI : $47 (are we crazy or what?)

Once I order an XLReport license, can I use my projects and queries I created with the trial version?

Absolutely; once you activate the XLReport license all your projects, data connections and queries will still be available

Trial Extension

Q: I downloaded XLReport some time ago and did not find enough time to trial it. Can I get a trial extension? A: Sure; just drop us an email and we’ll send you a trial extension key.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: What if I don’t like XLReport after I ordered? A: We offer a 30-day – no questions asked – refund policy Data-Connections. So; in case XLReport does not fulfill your requirements you have 30 days – after purchase – to request a full refund.

Volume Licensing

Q: Do you offer volume prices? A: Yes; we offer hefty discounts for volume licensing. Please check our volume pricing here.

Software Upgrades and Support

Q: Is support and software upgrades included in the license? A: All upgrades and E-mail support are free for the first 12 month after purchase. After 12 month we offer a yearly maintenance plan for 20% of the current total value of licenses (lowest price license pack) which includes all upgrades and E-mail support.

Real time data in Excel – Sharing the Excel file

Q: I inserted some real time data into an Excel sheet. When sharing this file with other people – will they be able to refresh the data? A: Your end users will need to have a valid XLReport license in order to be able to refresh the data.

On how many computers can I install my XLReport license?

Each XLReport can be installed on one computer. You can physically transfer the software from one computer to a second computer, provided that it is used only by the purchaser of the XLReport.